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The beloved cocoa monkey, "Bear".

Every school night (Sunday-Thursday), promptly at 11 pm, one can hear the cacophonic calls of "Cocoa! Cocoa!" echo through East Campus. Or at least we hope you all can hear us. The idea is for everyone to take a break from Tooling, to come out and join their fellow slugs for a hot mug of cocoa (bring your own mug and spoons, we provide the rest) for a few minutes. Come on, join us and our chocolatey goodness. You know you want to.

The process of heating water for cocoa will be automated with the Cocoa Pot project.

Cocoa Lore

A 4E resident from 1971 - 1975 told us that the nascent "Cocoa Hour" was held for a time in Mark Rognstad's room. As it grew in popularity, it outgrew his room.

On Sep. 21, 2006 Mark Rognstad visited for Cocoa. According to his account, Cocoa began when one resident started drinking coffee nightly at 11pm. Another resident, decided to join him, but since he didn't like coffee, he would bring cocoa. He got the cocoa in packages from the campus dining in Walker, which he had a meal plan for. As more people joined, more cocoa packets were needed from Walker, and an underground supply route gradually built up. Unsurprisingly, more coffee was never necessary. As the number of cocoa drinkers grew in size, they outgrew any individual room on the hall, until it ended up in the Walcott Lounge, where it remains until this day, and will remain for as long as it passes the budget and we have freshmen Cocoa Chairs to call it.

Cocoa Pot

We plan to automate the heating of the Cocoa water every night. The cocoa pot will be controlled by a PIC that will also monitor temperature and water level and send data over the 4E Network. The server will calculate the heating time based on the water level and ensure that there is hot water for cocoa every school night.

Currently, the two Cocoa Chairs do it manually. Every school night.

Happy Cocoa

We get shiny cakes for our birthdays!

Whenever it is (approximately) a slug's birthday, the hall Baking Chairs bake a cake (or other extravagant dessert) to be served during nightly cocoa. On the night of a Happy Cocoa, the Cocoa Chairs scream "HAPPY COCOA!!!" while calling cocoa. It is hall tradition to scream the "Happy Birthday Song" as cacophonously as possible rather than singing it. Those slugs whose birthdays are during times of no school may select an "unbirthday" to celebrate instead. For slugs who have managed to avoid happy cocoa for multiple years, the rumored "birthday week" will occur. The last known instance was reported to have happened in fall 2007, and was known simply as Karen's Birthday.

Formal Cocoa (aka Ramadonlan)

Slugs dress even weirder than usual for Formal Cocoa.
Slugs like to take pictures after Formal Cocoa.

Traditionally held at the end of the semester, Formal Cocoa is a celebration of fine chocolates and the end of term. All attendees are required to dress up or dress down. Back in the day, it was tradition to attend formal movie night following Formal Cocoa. The celebrants would go watch a movie in a lecture hall while still dressed in their Formal Cocoa garb. Secret Antony, a nondenominational Secret Santa, is usually held during the winter Formal Cocoa.

Interhall Cocoa

We invite other halls of East Campus (or maybe even other dorms?) to Cocoa, on scheduled dates throughout the year.

Special Cocoa

We invite faculty and staff members, as well as other notables, to Cocoa. We hope Special Cocoa promotes closer interaction between students and faculty members.

Budget Spring 2006

$28.14 Boxes of Cocoa

Total Cost: $28.14

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