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Accepted Invitation

Notable Invitee(s) Scheduled Cocoa Comments
Professor Jeremy Wolfe 02/21/06, 8 p.m. SUCCESS!!!
Harmonix Software Developers 02/27/06, 7 p.m. Discussed startups and the future of the gaming industry.
Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis and Dr. Mary A. Turzillo 03/13/06, 7 p.m. SPECTACULAR!!!
Dr. Robert Granetz First week in April "candy, you say?"
Markos Hankin Pending ... Mark A. has details...
Professor Joe Haldeman September 06? "I'd love to come, but will have to put it off till fall." (currently in Florida)
Professor Tom Leighton, Co-founder of Akamai 09/17/08 Discussed Akamai, its functions, and Course 6 in general.
Senior Advisor Kirk Kolenbrander 04/11/06 Discussed East vs West at MIT, benefits of a hall environment, rush, hacking.
Electronic Max, 6.034 TA Night of Formal Cocoa Talked about 4e way back, discussed grad school, looked at Max's AI research
Prof. Classy 03/06/2009 Got him to sit in front of the Sadoway poster.
Richard M. Stallman 09/20/06 11 p.m.
Joe Sousa, electrical engineer at Linear 1/17/06 9 p.m.

Declined Invitation

Notable Invitee(s) Date Contacted Comments
Cory Doctorow 02/13/06 Regretfully declined and now residing in London.
The Dalai Lama 04/23/09 Too busy during his visit to MIT

Waiting for Response

Notable Invitee(s) Date Contacted
Professor Noam Chomsky By 10/20/07
Eric Lander By 10/23/07
President Susan Hockfield By 11/01/07
Anne M Hunter By 11/09/07
Weird Al Yankovic Contacted via Ask Al, database error?
Professor Charles Vest 01/--/06
Strong Bad 01/16/06
Professor Max Tegmark 01/31/06; 02/02/06
Professor Eric Lander 02/13/06
Professor Noam Chomsky 02/22/06

To Be Invited

People we want to invite for Cocoa - invite any of these people and move them to the above table:

  • Dean Larry Benedict
  • Professor Junot Diaz
  • Professor Suzanne Flynn
  • Professor Sheldon Glashow (Harvard/BU)
  • Professor Alan Guth
  • Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)
  • Senator John Kerry (D-MA)
  • Andrew Ryder
  • Professor Alex Slocum
  • President Larry Summers (Harvard)
  • Professor Gerald Jay Sussman
  • Professor Alar Toomre
  • Max Van Kleek
  • Professor Derek Walcott (BU)
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • Richard M. Stallman
  • Brad Neely
  • XKCD
  • Professor James K. Roberge
  • Eric Lander
  • Professor Hazel Sive

Please add anybody else to this list if you would like to invite them to Special Cocoa.

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