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The 4E Decathlon is a ten year long competition on a three year cycle. The first cycle will begin on January 1st, 2011; competitors may publicize their entry by adding their names below as early as they wish. Competitors may enter either or both the silver or gold level(s). Silver-level contestants will keep track of the number of patents to their name, and gold-level contestants will keep track of the number of living startups they are involved with. Criteria for qualification as a "living" startup are given below in Criteria below.

Competition Cycle

At the end of a decade, competitors will be ranked by number of claimed patents or companies, and the team or entrant with the most entries is responsible for acknowledging his/her/their preeminence by hosting a party for the other contestants. In the event of a tie, winners are encouraged to throw more than one party. Every three years, a new decathlon cycle begins to allow new 4E frosh adjustment time if they wish to enter as well. However, current hall residents may enter any existing decathlon if they do not feel that they are disadvantaged by the timing. Contestants may only participate in one decathlon at a time.


A living startup is one which is growing or stable and from which the contestant who has claimed it derives a profit. The contestant must also be responsible or partially responsible for the development of the startup (founder, co-founder, or owner of critical intellectual property).

Currently Ranked Contestants (2011-2021)

Benjamin "don't touch this" Peters (Ben Peters)

Eric Marion (Eric Marion)

Laura Shumaker (lcshu)

Basant Sagar (basant)

Shaymus Hudson {swhudson)

Allison Schneider {aschneid}

David Anderson (dsa)

Steven Arcangeli (stevearc)