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| class=2008
| class=2008
| date of birth=2-20-1986
| date of birth=2-20-1986
| room=B406
| room=Wa413

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Alison Cichowlas
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Finally free of 6.170.
Athena username: alisonc
Class of: 2008
Primary course: 6-3
Current room: Wa413
Date of birth: 2-20-1986
Hometown: Sudbury, MA
AKA: ...

Current kitchen czarina; feel free to share brilliant ideas or bitch at me if you need a target.

Easily bribed with chocolate, old scifi novels, and live music.

I do stuff at the Media Lab. Please don't ask me what.

And I swear I'm not nearly as obsessive-compulsive as some... but boy did this page look unbalanced with just the box on the right.