Alison Cichowlas

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Alison Cichowlas
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Athena username: alisonc (@alum...)
Class of: 2008
Primary course: 6-3
Current room: Brookline, MA
Date of birth: 2-20-1986
Hometown: Sudbury, MA
AKA: ...

Ex-kitchen czarina; you can still share brilliant ideas or bitch at me if you need a target, I suppose, but probably less will come of it now.

Easily bribed with chocolate, old scifi novels, and live music.

In past, I've done stuff at the Media Lab, UROPed for the Education Arcade making location-based games, taken lots of music classes, taken lots of 6-3 classes (back in the day when things were more hardcore), and organized many feeds. I am more than happy to complain/enthuse about all of this at length if you are about to inflict any of it upon yourself and want forewarning/encouragement.

These days I am working for the Google, pursuing the hobbies I totally neglected at MIT, and exploring the wonders of being a real grown-up.