Amy Eastment

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Amy Sarah Eastment
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Athena username: luminea
Class of: 2004
Primary course: 21E
Current room: W407
Date of birth:
Hometown: FL
AKA: ...

Amy is the hall matriarch. She knows most anything you could care about that goes on around here, such as how to survive MIT in general, makes awesome bread, and (being MIT's primary female blacksmith) is the subject of the Class of 2007's brass rat. Amy is always doing something exciting, whether it's shooting bullets through roses, demonstrating blacksmithing and sword-making before the LOTR exhibit at the museum, painting, writing, flaming the hall, or giggling and having girly chat hour. (No idea what that entails, but...I've heard rumors too terrible to repeat.)

Amy has also been known as "the queen of sweet sweet tackiness" due to certain decorative choices (if my memory serves me correctly).

Introduce yourself to Amy! 'Cause she's awesome!