Andrew Drechsler

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Andrew Drechsler
Athena username: andrewd
Class of: 2010
Primary course: 6-2, 8-B?
Current room: B402
Date of birth: 9-10-1988
Hometown: Freeland, MD
AKA: Drew

Enjoys blasting music into Bemis. Usually No Doubt or other ska and/or pop, grime/electronica, and some Latin. Roomed with Patrick for three weeks in Goodazzle's cursed room until Patrick gave into the curse.

When you wake up, No Doubt will be strangling puppies in your bedroom.


Fall 2006

  • 5.112 (and Eric won't let him forget that Eric was his TA)
  • 6.042
  • 18.023
  • 21F.704

Spring 2007

  • 6.001
  • 18.03
  • SP.401

Fall 2007

  • 6.01
  • 8.03
  • 8.033
  • SP.410

Music to blast

Because, really, what do you know about me if you don't know this?

Artists: No Doubt, Shakira, They Might Be Giants, Black Eyed Peas, Smash Mouth, Save Ferris, Lily Allen, P!nk, Juanes, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Goldfrapp, M.I.A., Róisín Murphy, Kate Nash, Mark Ronson, Reel Big Fish, the Donnas, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Björk, Amerie, the Atomic Fireballs, Suburban Legends, Alanis Morissette, the Pinker Tones, Rich Harrison, Fatboy Slim, Los Abandoned, Diplo