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Bacchanalia (F17) was a party on slugfest in mid November, 2017. It was very successful despite a lower than average EC party attendance. Later in the night, around 3am, miske made ramen in the kitchen while ~6 people broke the new metal table. The kitchen tzars were not pleased with this, industrious members of hall fixed the table in time for Thanksgiving feed.

Email from noahmcd Noah J McDaniel <>

Nov 16

to ec-party, slugfest The city is eerily quiet. As you walk down the forum, there is a distinct absence of the usual citizens and slaves walking about. The hustle and bustle of the market is a graveyard of stalls. The few vendors remaining don’t bother to hawk their wares, eyes glazed and emotionless. You take in a breath. The cool air fills your lungs with anticipation and the uncanny feeling that comes only when something truly arcane seems about to happen.

Hurrying home, a young couple rushes past you, giggling. You cry, “QVID AGIS? QVO VADIS?” They turn, the bottles of wine in their hands now visible. “AD BACCHANALIA!” they reply, and rush away into the dimming evening. The Bacchanalia? Did your ears hear correctly? Hadn’t the Senate outruled the festivals in the senatus consultum de Bacchanalibus? Wasn’t any practitioner be subject to capital punishment? Who would risk their life for such a ritual? Scared, but excited, you follow the lovers into the night.

The amber sun is swallowed by the hills, and as the light dies, you notice a faint glow ahead. Fires burn on the hillside, and screams of glee break through the twilight mist. Your legs quake with anticipation. The Bacchanalia is said to be a celebration and ritual of lust, ecstasy, and madness. The Bacchants supposedly gather people of all ages in secluded juniper groves. When the sun sets, they feast on fruits and nuts and wine, remove their palla or toga, and lather each other in fragrant oils. Not only do they orgy in food and drink, but in the pleasures of human flesh. Bacchants are trained in sexual feats no ordinary citizen would dare imagine. Dozens of revelers, both experienced priest and initiate alike, weave naked body with naked body, dancing to the seductive melodies of Bacchus.

You approach the grove. The scents of the wine and oils tickle your nose. Ecstatic, orgasmic cries pierce your ears. With every step closer you feel intoxicated by the very thought of the Bacchanalia. Bacchus himself seems to guide you into the frenzy of cultists. As you enter, an initiate, bearing a surprising resemblance to the Senator himself, grasps your arm and whisks you toward the food and bottles of wine, stacked shoulder-high. All around, dancing bodies press against you, ushering you to join them in the revelry. Will you join them?

Don your toga, and join the BACCHANALIA 4E Saturday 10PM

host: jingyizz monitors: abaral, soma1 will be wearing laurel leaves MIT IDs will be checked

Email sent to Beast@ after the party (redacted personal information)

Forwarded message ---------

From: [REDACTED] Date: Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 4:58 AM Subject: How to be sexually liberated To: Beast <>

Dear all,

I know you didn't attend the 4E party today, because I didn't see you in the writhing mess of limbs and saliva that was the dance floor. To give you an idea of how the last hour of the party went - imagine an entire goodale lounge filled with people all making out with each other and swapping partners at what normal onlookers might call an "alarming rate, holy shit what is going on why are they like this?!"

This is the kind of ambiance I have wanted for a beast party for some time now, and something i was low-key going to try to instigate for "tropical jello, the party the lifestyle".

This is a call to action. Release your inner desires on the dance floor. Release them in the hallway. Release them in your rooms, or in a bathroom or on the fire escape or awkwardly on the hallway floor while half of the hall looks at you from the lounge (this IS a callout). (Consent IS mandatory, remember that kids.)

I would LOVE to see Beast turn a party into what my unsophisticated vocabulary can only describe as a "debaucherous den of lascivious release".

I just wanted to bring this to your attention. If you see me more-than-awkwardly starting a make-out-domino-chain, I want you to join in... if you feel comfortable. Mardi gras is not the only time a year you can make out with 25 people in one night. I saw that tonight.

If you're even a tenth as thirsty as I am, join me. We have two weeks. Let's FUCK. EAST. CAMPUS. (UP).

- [REDACTED], on behalf of SexComm

P.S.: Please stop meme-ing the fuck bracelets and just use them for real. We're just tryna get you laid. P.P.S.: still taking suggestions for stupid shit to buy to make the party fun. Platonic fun is okay too I guess.