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URL Scheme

All URLs are relative to, and all URLs have an output=[html, client]. An example URL is


  • (s,c)play?playerId=x
  • (s,c)pause?playerId=x
  • (s,c)stop?playerId=x
  • (s,c)loadList?playerId=x&playlistId=y
  • (s,c)player?playerId=x


  • (s,c)create?name=x
  • (s,c)delete?playlistId=x
  • (s,c)add?playlistId=x&song=y
  • (s,c)remove?playlistId=x&index=y
  • (s,c)playlist?playlistId=x


  • (s)browse?dir=x


  • (s,c)players
  • (s,c)playlists

Client Types

Bemix is capable of dumping data in multiple of formats. Currently on "client" and "html" formats are planned, but XML/RDF formats are possibly in the future. The format of the export is indicated in the URL by the output parameter.


The "client" output format returns data in a simple newline-delimited list. String values are not delimited by quote characters, and list items are delimited by commas (including a comma after the final element). The format of each line is name=value, where name is the name of the variable being returned, and value is the value of the variable. No space characters are inserted between name, =, and value.

The result of the playlist command:

name=the list