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Our beloved Cocoa Table

A permanent resident of the Cocoa Lounge, Cocoa table was constructed during the official Institvte Thanksgiving holiday in 2004. Armed with a beefy 233 Mhz Pentium II, the table is network-enabled and has a fantastic set of speakers built in. In its hourly announcements, Cocoa Table informs Slugs to stop Tooling, to heat up the Cocoa Pot, or to go to bed.


Over Thanksgiving break in 2004, a few Slugs that hadn't gone home were sitting around when they noticed a Rush poster that said "Our coffee table has more RAM than your coffee table." Since it was break (though it probably wouldn't have mattered it it wasn't), these students were inspired to back up this claim.

In Spring 2005, David Harvison upgraded Cocoa Table's computer to a blazing 866 MHz Pentium 3.


Cocoa Table runs Debian Linux. It can "talk" via the Festival speech synthesis program. Its speech can be controlled by the "say" script both locally and remotely via ssh. Cocoa Table also runs Glirnath, which allows custom playlists to be created and played through a web browser from any IP address in the east parallel of East Campus.

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