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The control panel will have the following controls.

Switch Name On Command Off Command Blink Command Text Color Possible Function
A A a 1 Push it to the limit red pushes it to the limit
C B b 2 Start Green Play
D C c 3 All stop Red Stop
E white playlist 1
F white playlist 2

When a button is pushed a packet of the following format is transmitted over the 4E Network:

'\' 'H' 01 'C' 'A' (Switch Name) '\' 'E'

For example,

'\' 'H' 01 'C' 'A' 'A' '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 01 'C' 'A' 'D' '\' 'E'

button A then D were pushed.

Buttons A through D have built in lights that may be controlled over the 4E Network:

'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'B' (Lighting Command) '\' 'E'

For example, the following turns on light A, blinks light B, and turns off light c:

'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'B' 'A' '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'B' '2' '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'B' 'c' '\' 'E'

The control panel reports errors and acknowledges packets over port 31. These may be ignored. For example:

'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'B' 'A' '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 01 'C' 31  "rcvd" '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 'C' 01 'Z' '\' 'E'
'\' 'H' 01 'C' 31  "Invalid port 'Z'" '\' 'E'

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