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Cruft Alarm is a sophisticated computer program that screens several mailing lists for desirable items. It is written in the Ruby programming language.


Two classes, crufter.rb and post.rb, form the basis of Cruft Alarm.


Mailing Lists

Cruft Alarm receives e-mails from the gmail account is subscribed to the Athena mailing list, the-companion. the-companion, in turn, is subscribed to the Athena mailing lists reuse and free-food.

Mailing lists cruftalarm/the-companion needs to be added to: freefood.

Natural Language Processing


To Do

  • Get Edwin Chen's stupid computer to work with Ruby on Rails.
  • Add telephone capabilities, so that Cruft Alarm can dial a telephone number if a desirable item is posted.
  • Set up Cruft Alarm's visual interface (the LCDs).
  • Make Walker Chan and David Harvison give Edwin Chen a Master cruft list.
  • Set up version control. (?)
  • Add Cruft Alarm to more mailing lists (especially freefood).