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The ELCN (Embedded Luminaire/Lighting Control Network) is the physical layer for transmitting light level data to embedded dimmers.

ELCN Transmitter

The transmitter injects a 1MHz carrier into the AC line at each zero crossing when its transmitting. It is connected to the line by a high pass filter.

ELCN Receiver

The receiver has a high pass filter to remove the 60 Hz signal and a diode-capacitor detector to demodulate the data.


The ELCN module will fit between the light bulb and the bottom of the socket.

Preliminary Results

  • 1 MHz square wave, 8 Vpp input to AC line though 2.2nF coupling cap with 10 K to ground
  • Transmitted from Diddy's room to Emily's room. 250 mV signal, 250 mV noise

Second test circuit: File:ELCN.pdf

To Do


  • improve output stage
  • add modulator


  • improve filter
  • bias for single supply operation
  • add gain stage, perhaps AGC
  • design and test demodulator
  • add surge protector
  • design power supply

East Campus Old Wiring

Phases are assigned arbitrarilly. Phase 1 for Bemis is not necessarily the same as phase 1 for Walcott.


Phase 1

  • B407 south old circuit
  • B406 north old cirucit

Phase 2

Phase 3


Phase 1

  • W401 south old circuit
  • lounge quad outlet by cocoa pot
  • lounge lighting

Phase 2

  • louge outlet by rack

Phase 3