Formal Cocoa Spring 2010

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Thursday May 13, 10 PM

Formal Cocoa is a fancy event. So fancy, that it takes planning, decorating and your help to put on.

Want to know more about formal cocoa?

Sign Up to Help Prep

Time/Task It'll be really great if we can get one or more people to help out with these things, so that others can focus on baking.
Weekend Groceries
Thursday Last Minute Star Run
Milk-warming duty caseymc
Non-specific kitchen help

Sign Up to Make Goodies

Baked(or otherwise prepared) Goods Want to show off your awesome skills/grandmother's recipe/cool one-use only baking utensil?
Orange Chocolate Cookies carlesky
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake carlesky
Grasshopper Mint Pie carlesky + one frosh/other labor to grind oreos
Awesome Cookies
Fruit Platter (with dipping sauces)
Whipped cream
Monkey balls erikchen
Maple Bacon Cookies

Sign Up to Clean Up

When we're tired, we need help cleaning Please sign up to help clean
kitchen name
kitchen name
kitchen name
lounge name
lounge name
lounge name

Movie Suggestions

After Formal Cocoa, we watch a movie. What do you suggest?
Repo Man (Not Repo *Men*)
Up in the Air
The Rock
Second Hand Lions
Big Fish
Wizard People, Dear Reader