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Directly adjacent to the kitchen, the Goodale Lounge contains the dining area and the primary movie and television watching area on the hall. In addition to such amenities as the Barco projector and two Athena workstations, the Goodale Lounge is also home to the rack. Hall Feeds are held in the dining area of the lounge, with additional seating and possibly a movie playing in the sitting area.

Feng Shui

The Goodale Lounge was renovated in Spring 2005. A new stand for the Barco projector was constructed and furniture was rearranged, resulting in a far more open and esthetically pleasing feel in the lounge. This layout makes the lounge an ideal locale for working on large Projects, and served as ground zero for the construction of the new Barco mount that would stand there.

Occasionally, the Ping Pong table is brought out and played in the Goodale Lounge, but more recently Ping Pong enthusiasts have used the table in the East Campus basement instead.


The Barco and "Gaming Machine"

The most-used Barco projector can be found in the sitting area of the Goodale Lounge. It is commonly used to watch Aqua Team Hunger Force, eBaum's World, Unicorns LA and various other forms of media.

The "Gaming Machine",, is also located in the lounge, directly under the Barco mount. This machine is connected to the Barco and therefore can display webpages, slideshows, television, DVDs, emulated nintendo games, and intense rounds of Typing of the Dead.

Using the Barco

The switch box mounted under the projector can be used to select the input to the Barco and monitor. It has four positions: A,B,C, and D. The Aux. Input connector and the RCA cables on the happy-fun box are the only wires you should touch.

Position Function Description
A Aux. Input Laptop input
B Bemix currently unused
C Computer
D Dumb games Happy fun box (Nintendo/VCR)

Computing Resources

In addition to the "Gaming Machine," there are two Athena workstations located in the Goodale Lounge, and The kitchen also makes room for the rack, which currently houses the Slugwiki Server. It has plenty of room for expansion and hopefully will eventually contain a hall-wide repository of data as well.

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