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Best bet is a Saturday.  It is early, so still many options only (only taken Saturdays so far are Sept 23rd by 5e and Oct 28 by 4w).  Weekends to try to avoid may include the Saturdays before/after Add Date and Drop Date (since people are the most hosed on those weeks) which takes away Sept 30, Oct 7, Nov 18 and Nov 25 (which is Thanksgiving anyways).  In order to avoid end-of-term-hosage we might want to stay away from December, which leaves us with the options of:
October 7th.  If anyone has any serious objects, let arwest know.
*October 14
*October 21
*November 4
*November 11
Granted some of those weeks discounted above are still very usable, it seems like the 4 listed here are the best options.  If anyone has any reason for or against any of those dates, be heard.  With any of those dates we have a while (at least a month) to plan the party, but we should pick a date soon as other halls have already started claiming dates.

Revision as of 20:20, 14 September 2006

Party was passed for Fall 2006. Time to start thinking of things we should be thinking about.


October 7th. If anyone has any serious objects, let arwest know.


Yeah, we need a theme, add your ideas and feelings below:

  • Pirates:
    • Pirates fucking rock.
  • Rocky Horror Party
  • Nintendo Party
  • Björk Party

There will be more to discuss as it gets closer and the n items above are dealt with.