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List of Items in Goodale Lounge

Item 4e owned Caretaker
Max Hardcore Machine Y dsa
NES (Gaming machine) epower
Rock band equipment Y abader
Barco/proj. screen Y natech
Speakers and sound equip. Y natech
N64 box and games rshewmon
Ping pong table Y dharv720
Sleds Y bnpeters
Paint Cabinet Y alisonc
Goodale Computing Rack wrchan
Shadowrunner/Blueshift epower
Enforcer Y natech

List of Items in Walcott Lounge

Item 4e owned Caretaker
Christmas Tree Y ehufsted
Cocoa Table Y natech
Board Games Y bnpeters
Cocoa Pot/Tea Cabinet Y Cocoa Chairs
Microwave Y sammp
Cold War Rack wrchan
4e Library Y sammp

List of Other items

Item 4e owned Caretaker
Hall Balls Y bnpeters
Kitchen Electronics wrchan

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