MIT Undergraduate Dormitories

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Undergraduate dormitories at MIT. Students are required to live in one of the eleven dormitories their first year. Generally, they select a temporary dorm by lottery over the summer, then confirm their placement in the fall or enter the housing adjustment lottery to move into a dorm they prefer. Exceptions are McCormick Hall and Next House, which have Residence-Based Advising programs and do not allow students to move out of their assigned dorm for their first year.

Baker House

Everett Moore Baker House aka Building W7. Located at 362 Memorial Drive. It houses about 318 students.
Official Baker House Web Site

Bexley Hall

Bexley Hall aka Building W13. Located at 50 Massachusetts Avenue. It houses about 120 students.

Burton-Conner House

Burton-Conner House aka Building W51. Located at 410 Memorial Drive. It houses about 344 students.
Official Burton-Conner Web Site

East Campus

East Campus aka Building 62 and Building 64. Located at 3 Ames Street. It houses 358 students.
Slugwiki's East Campus Page
Official East Campus Website

MacGregor House

Frank S. MacGregor House aka Building W61. Located at 450 Memorial Drive. It houses about 326 students.
Official MacGregor House Web Site

McCormick Hall

Stanley McCormick Hall aka Building W4. Located at 320 Memorial Drive. It houses about 238 students.
Official McCormick Hall Web Site

New House

New West Campus Houses aka Building W70. Located at 471-476 Memorial Drive. It consists of six interconnected buildings known as Ballard, Lawrence, Coolidge, Desmond, Fisk, and Thorn. New House is home to four Cultural Houses: Chocolate City, French House, German House, and Spanish House (the Cultural Houses also used to include--as of the 2004-2005 school year--Russian House, though it seems to have disappeared mysteriously). All of New House contains about 291 students.
Official New House Web Site

Next House

500 Memorial Drive aka Building W71. It houses 347 residents and has a dining hall.
Official Next House Web Site

Random Hall

Random Hall aka Building NW61. It houses about 93 students.
Official Random Hall Web Site

Senior House

Senior Haus aka Building E2 Located at 70 Amherst Street. Senior House has about 146 residents.
Official Senior House Web Site

Simmons Hall

Sponge Bob aka Building W79. Located at 229-243 Vassar Street. It houses about 344 students.
Official Simmons Hall Web Site