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A traffic light constructed with Christmas lights illuminating condoms ran by a AA battery.

Pass/no record is the wonderful Institvte policy that allows freshmen to devote their time to the expression of their verve and creativity. Many recent strange incidents have occurred on Slugfest as a result of pass/no record, including the creation of Pikachu of the Day and a growing collection of accessories for Pikachu.

Frosh Movie Nights

Back in the day, freshmen were on pass/no record for not only the first semester, but the entire first year. A certain group of freshmen known as the 4e-Mafia took advantage of this to watch a movie every night, thus setting the record for the most Frosh Movie Nights in a year.


On 4e, condoms are often used for creative pass/no record-type projects. Condoms inspired the tradition of Pikachu of the Day and have since been used to create a traffic light that mediates the large flow of people and the Pikamobile in and out of the Goodale Lounge. Condoms are graciously provided to us by our GRT, Aaron Bader, and are available in the Shallow Goodale bathroom.


One of Pikachu's many accessories, the Pikamobile is a car-like device created by Edwin Chen and Andrew Westerdale out of cardboard, spools, ethernet cable, and Athena paper. The car's many features include: headlights, a rear spoiler, a steering wheel, moving windshield wipers, a leash, a license plate "PIKACHU" and Pikachu's very own driver's license and key.

This car is temporarily being stored in the Andrew and Edwin's room until Pikachu makes his Jesuslike rebirth and comes back to Slugfest.

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