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[[A-Diddy]] dressed up as Pikachu for [[Halloween]].
[[A-Diddy]] dressed up as Pikachu for [[Halloween]].
==See Also==
* [[Pikamobile]]
==External Links==
==External Links==
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[[Category: Pikachu]]
[[Category: Slugfest Culture]]

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Pikachu pimping Taz and the Ape in Goodale Lounge.

Unfortunately, Pikachu is dead. All slugs beware! There is a murder among us!

Stuffed doll of the Pokémon character Pikachu. Legend has it that the doll was purchased at Swap Fest from a sketchy vendor and has been incredibly germ-ridden ever since.

The lucky beneficiary of pass/no record, Pikachu has recently been the center of much attention with its kidnapping by a certain non-existent roommate, the creation of the Pikamobile, and the start of Pikachu of the Day.

A-Diddy dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween.

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