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Feel The PowerTM


RobOS is a joint effort of many slugs on the hall to create the perfect computing environment model.

Currently RobOS is available for Windows but OS X and Linux ports are in the works.


  • Aesthetically pleasing user interface - Complete but always improving
  • Automated Installer - Beta
  • Sound Scheme - Alpha
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
    • Windows - Beta
    • OS X - Alpha
    • Linux - Alpha


"Since I have installed RobOS I have lost 50lbs and am in the best shape of my life." -Chieu Nguyen
"I just turned 60, and since I installed RobOS I feel like I am 20 again. It reminds me of my dapper college days." -Andrew Westerdale
"Ever since I installed RobOS my dual monitors work." -Walker Chan


RobOS: it's not an Operating System, it's a way of lifeTM