Rush 2006

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  • Bemix tours
  • Microwave/exploding stuff
  • Jacobs ladder
    • Should be behind glass or something so there's less death
  • Cocoa
  • Cruft smashing and crafting
  • Pizza Feed
  • Barcos
    • In-room: Beat Esteban at Smash Bros
    • Goodale: Homestar Runner? Esteban's flash trash?
  • Electromagnet
  • Soccer in Stepka's Room
  • Walking ride-able device with legs[1]
  • Motorized furniture, window shades, etc.
  • Visualization and music on fire escape

Things to be done

  • Collect sweet cruft for smashing and exploding
  • Ideas for posters (see below)
  • Set up photo taking/frosh cataloging system
    • 3w did something clever to help remember names. They had a humorous survey which frosh could fill out and turn in for a chance to win a prize. If we could do this and maybe take pictures to keep a face with the name it might be better than taking a mug shot of everyone who walks through the door...

Poster Ideas

  • Adopt a Bemis Child
  • Jehan at Rocky Horror
  • Diversity
  • Art Museum
  • Aaron in Bunny Suit or with Barney?
  • Our Stoves Go To 6
  • Katamari Damacy-esque thing with a spool
  • Tang Muffins/some sort of cooking thing