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Located in Goodale, the kitchen contains three stoves and a microwave. Baking terrorists fabricate cookies in the kitchen to inflict fear upon slugfest., a sort of touch-screen music system, pipes music into the kitchen and provides easy web access for recipes.

Kitchen Rules

Most of the kitchen rules boil down to "use common sense" and "don't be an asshole", with a side of "if you are an asshole, prepare to face the consequences". More specifics can be found below.

(large chunks of the following copied from an e-mail from Jackie, a Kitchen Czar of 2004-2005)

  1. Label all food in both the fridges and the freezers with your name and the date you put it in (month/day for fridge, month/year for freezer). Anything without a name is free to the first person to find it (and may be thrown away at any moment). If you want people to eat it, label it 4E. Anything older than one month in the fridge and one semester in the freezer may be tossed, and will be if it has expired or looks sketchy, so don't forget about things.
  2. Food on stoves and counters probably belongs to someone who still actively cares about it. Don't mess with it, unless you're absolutely certain it's been there for a really long time. ("Really long time" is a very subjective term, I realize... think of it as: if you're not sure if it's okay, it isn't.) On the flip side, if you're leaving food unattended for long, please make sure it's clear who it belongs to.
  3. Any dishes left out (or found on wall hooks or the 4e utensil drawers between the sinks) can be used as long as you wash them promptly and put them back where you found them. Never take stuff from people's cabinets unless you have already received permission from them.
  4. Wash your dishes promptly, because sinks are emptied out into the dirty dish rack around midnight (give or take an hour) each night. If you have to soak dishes overnight, that's okay, leave a note.
  5. Each shelf of the dirty dish rack is emptied every other week (Sunday night). If you leave stuff lying around, be sure to rescue it or else it will be permanently gone.
  6. Anyone who puts pasta or other food in the sink instead of the waste disposal will be shot. LEARN TO USE THE WASTE DISPOSAL. If you need to be taught, ask me (Alison).
  7. If you break something, clean it up and replace it. If it was glass or otherwise sharp, send a warning email to the hall.

Not a rule, but just a warning: the burners are gas, so watch out for the open flames and make sure they're turned all the way off when you turn them off. You don't have to babysit burners every moment they're on, but if something boils over from inattention, I will find you and make you clean it up and possibly hurt you, or at least be angry and I'm the one who assigns your cupboard space.

Cabinet space is assigned in the first week or two of fall term as fairly and appropriately as the Kitchen Czar can manage. All cabinet space will be allocated -- there will almost certainly be no leftover space, so be sure to pay attention and sign up when this happens.

Kitchen Upgrades


  1. Deep Cleaning - Removal of items that expired in the past century, dirt that hasnt moved since the creation of the world, broken kitchen implements, etc.
  2. general maintenance - fix latch on middle oven
  3. pot hooks in NW corner + SE corner. (Immediately to right of door as you enter and above dirty dish rack.)
  4. refinishing of center table
  5. painting walls - remove grime, pretty-ify our lives.
  6. space utility maximization - storage shelves for infrequently used items (such as air conditioners, paper plates, plastic silverware, peanut oil, etc) in underutilized locations (such as above the fridges). also a tidier shelf for Italian-Sub.
  7. figure out an efficient way of storing spatulas, spoons, knives (Drawers)
  8. Use dremel tool to label properties
  9. Raise table permanently
  10. Re-Caulk counter tops

To be continued

  1. rack for baking pans, other flat things.
  2. rack for pot lids
  3. paper towel dispenser (Slug Shaped...)
  4. mug storage thing?
  5. plates/bowls storage thing?
  6. containers for sugar/flour/brown sugar/chocolate chips...


  • The kitchen is 8' 6" tall
  • The counter tops are 3' tall
  • The new fridge is 5' 5" tall
  • Spam is 4' 11.5" tall

Pan inventory:

  • 5 large frying pans (~13" diameter, ~20" long)
  • 5 medium frying pans (~10" diameter, ~16" long)
  • 3 small fryng pans (~8" diameter, ~15" long)
  • 3 medium sauce pans (~7" diameter, ~14" long)
  • 2 small sauce pans (~6" diameter, ~13" long)
  • 3 rusty pieces of junk

  • 7 baking sheets
  • 3 cake pans
  • 5 cutting boards