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Slugnet is the private network on Slugfest which is comprised of an ethernet network, many audio cables, and the 4E Network. The ethernet network currently is home to the Slugwiki Server, the Bemix server and several clients, the Cocoa Table, and the hall printer. These services are available for all slugs to utilize. Future plans include adding a hall photo server.

Ethernet Network

The ethernet network was installed to provide a layer of protection, anonymity, and coolness to the computing activities of slugs. This network adheres to our guidelines, and operates to better meet our needs. Furthermore, by providing a single point-of-contact with the outside world, security is handled by one machine and the benefits are enjoyed by all machines on the network. However, as a consequence, the traffic on Slugnet is ultimately routed through a single machine which is owned by someone: the actions of all the users on the network are ultimately the responsibility of the network administrators. This means that, in general, computers that are part of Slugnet, including DHCP clients and personal machines, are NOT permitted to access the Internet at large. This allows the network to provide services that would otherwise be impossible.


From the Internet, several services are available. Slugwiki is available to the world at large, and can be accessed at [1]. The Bemix web server is available to the world at large using a basic authentication scheme, and can be found at [2]. The printer is available to machines that are connected to Slugnet, including DHCP clients, through CUPS.

In addition to DHCP access, individuals may request to have a Slugnet drop installed in their rooms for a small fee. To utilize the network, IP addresses and a .bemix domain name are included with the purchase of any item from the Max Fridge.

In order to maintain the security of Slugnet, only a few machines may access or be accessed by clients on the Internet. Cocoa Table and the gateway machines are permitted full access the Internet. However, cocoa table cannot run any services, and the gateway only permits traffic on http and ssh ports. All other machines, including DHCP clients, are forbidden to access the Internet. However, these machines enjoy full access to Slugnet, and have the right to run any services they wish.

DNS Registration

Slugnet makes available DNS names under the .bemix TLD. Registration is easy; a simple request to bemixdev at mit dot edu and proof of purchase of any item from the Max Fridge is all that is necessary.


Slugnet is administered by Rob Crowell, who owns the [] addresses and is responsible for keeping the ethernet network happy.