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Ruth enabling some hot spool-on-spool action.

Walking on large spools has become a hobby for many slugs. When not in use, they camouflage as a table and a chair in the Cocoa Lounge.


Slugfest acquired its first spool at the beginning of the Fall 2005 term. The spool was found on the Third East landing and was rather small by modern comparison.

Chieu Nguyen created the Thugfest 500π and the Slugfest 2000π. These two races were time trial events to see who could spool across Bemis and the entire floor, respectively. The best time for the Thugfest 500π is X by Y and the best time for the Slugfest 2000π is A by Z. Complete results of everyone who has officially completed either race were posted in the Cocoa Lounge.

This spool fell apart due to heavy use. A new, slightly larger one was found. It featured a cardboard center and plywood sides and had "Liquatite" written on the side. Shortly afterwards, a third spool was discovered. This was a giant spool, manufactured by Lone Star Reel. It measured 28" in width and about 4' in diameter. The acquisition of these two new spool hailed in the golden age of spooling.

Using the Liquatite spool, Walker Chan spooled the entire length of the Infinite Corridor without stopping or touching the walls or floor in September 2005. This feat is referred to as the Infinite Corridor <math>\displaystyle\lim_{x\rightarrow \infty} x \pi</math> or informally as the <math>\displaystyle\infty \pi</math>. There are no records of how long it took Walker to spool this distance.

The Liquatite spool was lost, but was replaced by a larger wooden spool. Currently the giant spool is being used as a table in the Cocoa Lounge and the smaller one is in Ruth's room.

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