Summer 2006 Projects

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The summer 2006 term is set to be one of the busiest and most productive period of time for slugs to engage in various projects.

Completed Projects

  • Monsoon speakers installed in Kitchen.

Sunday May 28

The current layout of Slugnet.

Rob Crowell completed configuring the gateway for Slugnet. Rob and Walker laid ethernet cables in the cable trays to the Cocoa Lounge, as well as Rob's current room, Walker's current room (and Rob's future room), and Walker's future room. The set of Monsoon speakers that Edwin Chen got from Reuse was installed in the Kitchen as well. Walker also discovered a coin meter from an old vending machine, which may eventually be used as part of the Bemix soda fridge.

Monday May 29

Rob Crowell spent the day moving the wiki over to the new server and upgrading the software at the same time. While at times this can be a straightforward task, as the software handled the change in database schema pretty well as our versions moved from 1.4.10 to 1.6.6, there were issues involved with the transfer. See Rob's Wikimedia Issues page for all the details. Rob also spent the day setting up a SVN repository on the gateway, to serve as a central repository for 4e code.

Walker Chan put my-junt in a beautiful case and installed it in the rack. He also put ethernet ends on the cables which were installed the day before.