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Tang drink mix

This powdered, orange-flavored drink mix is both delicious and potent. Tang is excellent as a stand-alone refreshment as well as an ingredient in many unique and highly experimental dishes. Engineered for maximum flavor and disguised nutrition by NASA's most brilliant cold-war scientists, this extraordinary beverage is truly a "kick in the glass". According to some researchers, many experts would agree that Tang is part of 9 out of 10 well balanced diets.

Tang is a favorite among Slugs.

Famous Tangs Throughout History

From the Apollo 11 mission commentary, July 22, 1969 (20:10 CDT):

"I'm sure you've already seen the drink container. A little later Mike will show you how the water gun operates with its new filter to take out hydrogen. Essentially this water gun is put in this hand and filled up this bag with water and the tang then disolves in the water and this end of the out feeding. Likewise we have other foods that are more solid nature. You can probably see this shrimp cocktail meal."

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