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(if someone wants to make this page prettier, have at it)

General Info

Thanksgiving dinner will be held the saturday before thanksgiving in the hopes that as many people will be able to come as possible. Who is welcome? Basically anyone who cares enough about 4E to read this page of the slugwiki. Including but not limited to: Current residents, Past residents, Future residents, quasi-residents (Leon, you're always welcome) and Bader, who we arent sure how to classify.

Helping out

If you want to help out, the best thing you can do for now is save the "turkey points" you get at star when you go shopping, and slide them under my door (WA 411). We hope to get about 100. These will help defray the cost from the GRT and Hall budgets, as we have $100 less to work with this year than last year, and are expecting at least as many people.

Planning hasn't begun in earnest, but when it does, this page will be a useful site of collected information.