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Materials laboratory


None, actually! But you should take 3.091 beforehand and 3.012 with it.




3.014 is basically the lab component to 3.012. Because it satisfies both the institute lab and CI-M requirements, there aren't many course 3 minors or double majors. Most labs are done in the undergraduate teaching laboratory at the end of the infinite corridor, which is a good thing if you like doing science in front of an audience.

It's taken every three weeks, with labs MWF and recitation TR. Fortunately, 3.012 and 3.016 stop classes during these lab weeks. The labs are long and grueling, either going from 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm. Even so, most of them are very engaging and interesting to course 3 students. Even so, not all lab instructors are created equal. For each of the four lab weeks, a writing/communication assignment for a certain lab is given during mandatory recitations. This includes a technical report, poster session, journal article, and a scientific memo (written during finals week).

3.014 requires a lab notebook that is checked after every lab week. Oddly enough, it's the only lab class in course 3 that does this. This class is passable, but getting an A requires a good amount of effort. You should never miss labs or recitations.