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A few notes

this is running the real 16bit DOS rasm executable inside of DOSBox. This means DOS limitations apply. Make your filenames really short (8 characters or less). To read more about the restrictions, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.3_filename

These instructions have been tested on Mac and Ubuntu (donlanes). You will need some kind of a serial port to them to work. If you have questions, please ask me (isaac).

I will likely continue to work on the toolchain, and will send out an email if I add something notable. prog8051 is a bit sketchy. I haven't tested it much. I will add version numbers to my toolchain if I release more than a few versions.


sudo apt-get install dosbox python-serial

mkdir ~/6.115

cd ~/6.115

wget http://mit.edu/~igutek/Public/6.115_toolchain.zip

unzip 6.115_toolchain.zip

echo  "export PATH=~/6.115/tools/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

Test this by typing rasm test.asm

It should print something like this:

Executing DOSBox...

Rasm51E 1.32 (c) Rigel Corporation 1990-1995
Assembling file t:temp.asm
opening file t:temp.asm
pass 1

4 lines of source code read

pass 2
  assembly time :   0.000 seconds
writing file t:temp.lst to disk
writing file t:temp.obj to disk
disk write time :   0.000 seconds

no errors found...Rasm51E terminates...

-rw-r--r--  1 isaac   26 Feb  9 17:55 test.err
-rw-r--r--  1 isaac  132 Feb  9 17:55 test.lst
-rw-r--r--  1 isaac   44 Feb  9 17:55 test.obj

Additionally, you can type

make program

To upload the program on the RJ31P (is that what it's called).

Serial Port Settings

For this to work, edit the Makefile and change the serial port to be the correct one for you machine. To find out, first type

ls /dev/tty*

Now plug in your serial port, and repeat the command. The item that shows up is the serial port.

Modifying the Makefile for your own code

You can modify the Makefile to change which asm file it assembles by changing the SRC variable.

Just open the file and replace SRC := test with SRC := myfile (without the asm). Your file must be named myfile.asm

Plain Old rasm

If you want, you can also just use rasm as documented in the lab


If have also included a program I wrote, prog8051 which will upload an .obj file the the board if it is in monitor mode. To use it, type prog8051 -o myfile.obj --serial-port /dev/thecorrectserialport


prog8051 --help 

to see the syntax.

You can edit prog8051_config.ini and change the default serial port that prog8051 uses. This way you can program simply by typing

prog8051 -o myfile.obj

Mac Instructions

  • Copy DOSBox.app into /Applications
  • Make a symlink to /Applications/DOSBox.app/Contents/MacOS/DOSBox from ~/6.115/tools/bin/dosbox
ln -s /Applications/DOSBox.app/Contents/MacOS/DOSBox ~/Dropbox/Classes/6.115/tools/bin/dosbox 
  • Follow the general instructions above, but Instead install pyserial with the following command
sudo easy_install pyserial