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Quantum Field Theory II


  • 8.323- Absolutely required. 8.324 builds on techniques/concepts from 8.323.
  • 8.322- Not required. At all. Don't know why this is formal requirement.
  • Not a class requirement, but familiarity with Lie groups/algebras and differential geometry is very useful.


  • Peskin&Schroeder- Good book. 8.324 goes in the order: chp 9, chp 15-16, chp 7, chp 10+.
  • Weinberg vol 1&2- Very dense books. Useful as a reading supplement. Books too difficult to learn material from directly.


8.324 takes the approaches from 8.323 and generalizes them to non-abelian gauge theories. Follows with renormalization/regularization. Material is very difficult, and calculations are just as difficult as 8.323. Expect psets to take no less than 20 hours.