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Aaron Bader
Aaron tokamak2.JPG
Athena username: abader
Class of: 2099 (lazy grad student)
Primary course: 22
Current room: n/a
Date of birth: 1/25/82
Hometown: Rockaway, NJ
AKA: Darth Bader

4e's now retired Graduate Resident Tutor.

Aaron is actually a congealed mass of sludge that formulated in the East River of New York City. He can assume human form at convenient times.

Aaron previously resided in G405. G405, under his reign, was open to all members of slugfest and their friends, and currently hosts several amenities: namely Soda Fridge, Candy Bowl, and a digital piano.

As mentioned elsewhere, Aaron used to be given a wad of cash to spend on the residents of 4E. Officially this is known as the GRT budget which is made public so that the embezzlement is much less obvious.

To demonstrate his superb awesomeness, Aaron undertook several projects to improve hall life. These involved:
Maintaining soda fridge and candy bowl.
Ensuring that all residents have access to scrap paper in the form of backs of finished crosswords.
Creating puzzles, including the annual Thanksgiving Puzzle.
Organizing hall trips, such as the Camping Trip and the New York trip.
Being a convenient butt-end of jokes.

If you would like to read the mindless drivel that encouraged the residents of 4E to interview Aaron, you can read Aarons GRT Essay

Aaron is one of three participants of the wager

Aaron studies Scrabble at MIT. He also plays grad student on the side.