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Awesomeball, often called under various other names, is a heated contest that may or may not involve a ball. It always involves slugs and can occur on or off the hall. It often involves junting.


Most trace the history of Awesomeball ball back to 2005 when residents turned Bemis hallway into their personal playground. Games of choice were dodgeball and four square.



Details are very hazy. Some say the ball was inflatable, others question whether it was a ball at all. Everyone agrees that it involved crabwalking and that it occurred only once in Walcott. It is named after one of its participants, Debra, who no one has been able to identify since. Whoever junts first wins.

Frisbee in Lobby 7

A 12:30am trip to lobby 7 resulted in a game of Ultimate. Slugs showed an incredible ability to avoid running into granite pillars and sharp corners. Whichever team junts the most, junts.

Tackle Frisbee

In the largest snowstorm of 2005-2006 (and it was quite weak). Slugs massed in Killian Court and played an invented version of full contact Ultimate. The team that gets tackled the least wins.


Volleyball in Walcott Lounge. Game ends when all lights are broken. Losing team/person is the one that has to acquire new lights.

Watch Out This Thing is Fucking Heavy

Having recently acquired a pair of one-kilo medicine balls, we put them to work within 30 hours. This involves standing in a circle and throwing the ball quickly to each other. Only one-handed catches are approved of. A quorum is four people. It could be played with less, but who would want to play with people that unpopular? Winning involves catching the most and throwing craftily.