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A Barco that used to live in the Goodale Lounge

A large projector used to display images shown on a computer to the masses. All of the Barcos died in the 2007-2008 school year. The new NEC projector can be found mounted to the ceiling of the Goodale Lounge.


Two of the three Barcos originated from a Reuse post in the summer of 2004. Eight Barcos from building two were posted for reuse - approximately six of the eight ended up in East Campus, two ending up on Slugfest.

Barcos on Fourth East
Owner Location Model Origin Name
Walker Chan (deprecated) Trash Chute 1208s Abandoned in Bemis Stairwell, Summer 2005
Matt Fishburn (deprecated) Trash Chute 1200 Reuse post Minerva
Jenn Gagner (deprecated) Trash Chute 1208s Reuse post
Some MIT Dept Recycling Company Super Barco Basement of Building 9 Super Barco