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One of the primary means of supporting the Slugwiki is through purchases of items at the Max Fridge, located in the Cocoa Lounge. Each soda costs $0.40 (compare to the $0.50 charged at some competing fridges), and includes a free IP address and .bemix domain name on Slugnet.

Slugs are highly encouraged to recycle their cans at the Bebox, which funds the continued development of the various projects that improve the lives of slugs everyday.

Revenue from Max Fridge is occasionally mixed up with revenue from the Bebottle, so the figures below may not be accurate.



Date Amount Person
5/22/06 3.81 Edwin
5/25/06 9.64 Edwin
6/5/06 17.40 Edwin
6/25/06 9.15 Edwin
7/9/06 12.00 Edwin
7/31/06 8.00 Edwin
8/21/06 4.00 Edwin
Total 64.00

Soda Costs

Date Item Person Cost
5/21/06 12-pack of Max Cola Walker 2.00
5/22/06 12-pack of Lipton Iced Tea, 6-pack of Shaw's Raspberry Ginger Ale, 6-pack of Shaw's Root Beer Edwin 5.10
5/25/06 two 6-packs of Shaw's Raspberry Ginger Ale, 6-pack of Max Cola Edwin 3.90
5/30/06 6-pack of Max Cola, 6-pack of Shaw's Raspberry Ginger Ale, 12-pack of Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper Edwin 6.70
6/1/06 10+ sodas from reuse Edwin 0.00
6/22/06 6-pack of Raspberry Ginger ale, 12-pack each of Max Cola and Mountain Maze Edwin 7.50
7/5/06 12-pack each of Mountain Maze and Diet Coke, 6-pack each of Max Cola and Raspberry Ginger Ale Edwin 9.99
7/16/06 2 12-packs each of Max Cola and Mountain Maze, 12-pack of Shaw's Root Beer, 6-pack of Shaw's Raspberry Ginger Ale Edwin 14.80
Total 49.89

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