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Bemix is a music system which plays user selected music in the Bemis bathroom. Residents can select music over a web interface and can turn the music on and off directly from the bathroom or remotely over the web.

There are three versions of Bemix:

  • Bemix v1.0 - the original version, it has since been uninstalled to be upgraded.
  • Bemix v2.0 - the current version and will be installed shortly.
  • Bemix v3.0 - this version is under development.

Bemix v1.0

Bemix v1.0 was designed to play music in the Bemis showers through speakers located in the Bemis bathroom. It plays music selected through Glirnath, a web interface. You can control it via Glirnath or a touch-switch located in the bathroom.

The touch-switch was hidden in a towel rack in the Bemis bathroom. When someone touched the towel rack and the faucet at the same time, the op-amp senses the change in voltage, compares it to an internal reference voltage, and amplifies it.