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Like many hall feeds, the Cheesecake Feed seems to have been going for long enough to be called a hall tradition. In past, Austyn Hill ('05) would run this event alone -- she would stay up the night before and take over the kitchen...covering every surface possible with many mini cheesecakes of traditional flavors.

After Austyn graduated, al!g decided to try their collective hand at baking more cheesecake than anyone could reasonably shake a stick at. Alisonc was a fan of contributing non-standard, but delicious cheesecakes such as pumpkin, lemon & white chocolate, mini variations, etc. Liz! liked the bazaar and controversial cheesecakes such as "Triple Chocolate, Up-Side-Down Jack Daniels Cheesecake", Amaretto, peanut butter cups, etc. And Gina took care of the "classics": Chocolate Chip, Turtle, etc.

This year, cx, carlesky and Liz! plan to take over this sweet & tasty feed...(Any brilliant suggestions for flavors should be directed at one of us)

The Fall '05 Cheesecake Feed was 8pm, Saturday, October 22rd. The Spring '06 Cheesecake Feed was Sunday, April 23rd. The Spring '08 Cheesecake Feed was Saturday, March 16th. The Fall '08 Cheesecake Feed will be a group effort with 3rd West on Sunday, December 7th.