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Note: The old wiring (basement panels) interrupts power to the entire column of rooms/lounges rather than isolating the disconnection to a single floor.


Circuit Panel Breaker
Cocoa Lounge Lighting Shallow 30
WA406 Associate Housemaster Suite Ask Bobby


Circuit Panel Breaker
Dining/Barco Lounge Lighting/Receptacles Kitchen Wall 2

Personal Rooms

Each room has three circuits:

  • New Circuit
    • Breakers are located in the Goodale Lounge
  • Two from the old Circuit - one on each side of the room
    • These circuits are shared between the entire column of rooms
    • Breakers are located in basement, below their third of the hall
    • Exceptions: Deep Walcott Rooms. South wall breakers are located in the Associate Housemaster Suite.