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Install lprng, ifhp


To print to a printer with a JetDirect:

  • juntonian|: - specifies the queue on the server
  • lp=juntonian.bemix%9100 - tells lpd to send the document to the address and port of the printer
  • ifhp=model=hp8000 - tells lpd to use ifhp's filter for correct rendering of the document
  • filter=/usr/lib/ifhp/ifhp - location of this filter file varies
  • sd=/var/spool/lpd/%P - spooling directory


To print from outside of localhost, you have to comment out the REJECT statements in this file



  • Make lpd work from Athena (Athena has a setuid lpq/lpr and so will use ports < 1024)
  • Under internal NIC
 server lpd accept
  • Under external NIC
 server lpd accept
 server custom lpdcli "tcp/721:731" "default" accept
 server custom lpdsrv "tcp/515" "default" accept
  • Under router wan2lan inface ...
 route lpd accept