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Some of the most amazingly _fill_in_the_blank desserts in existence. Some argue that it is the pinnacle of American cuisine. Others cower in fear at the sight.


The preparation of a deep-fried twinkie involves a coating in generic batter (half flour, half cornstarch, thinned with water) and subsequent submersion into a vat of hot oil... this would be Vimal's Dual Daddy deep fryer. This serves to create a crispy coating and liquidfy the white goo inside into a hot liquid which is strangely satisfying.


Always with a great amount of fanfare, a deep-fried twinkie is drained for a short period of time, and coated in powdered sugar and topped with chocolate sauce. In many cases, it it served with a brownie and a scoop of ice cream. The crowning glory is a York Peppermint Patty

Advanced Versions

Although the basic deep-fried Twinkie described above is quite satisfying, several modifications can be made to the recipe:

  • Bacon-wrapped deep-fried Twinkies

Prior to battering and frying, the Twinkie is wrapped with several strips of freshly cooked bacon. Note: The timing of this step must be precise, since the bacon should be pliable enough to wrap around the Twinkie, but should become crisp shortly thereafter.

  • Bacon-wrapped, sausage-stuffed deep-fried Twinkies

Same as above, except that a freshly-cooked cocktail sausage is inserted into the Twinkie at the beginning of the process. Care must be taken to ensure structural stability.


For the novice, eating more than a few bites of a deep fried twinkie may be hazardous to the health of both the eater and passerbys.