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East Campus is heated through radiant heating.

Temperature Control

This system reacts to changes in the outside temperature automatically. However, the temperature in each room can be regulated by using the control dials located near the window in each room. This control dial pushes air through the small tube that connects the dial and the radiator to a control valve, regulating the amount of steam - and therefore heat.


If the tube that connects the control dial to the radiator is crimped, the heat will not shut off and the room will get very hot, therefore one should not mess with this tube. Also, the system functions best when the window is closed. If the tube gets damaged, the window doesn't close or any other problem occurs, one should contact Joe G.

System Response

The system also takes a while to heat up and a while to cool down when
ya turn it on/off so ya gotta wait (it's old), it's radiated steam! It
takes time! It works best when ya find a comfortable setting and just
leave it alone.........it's old!
But I assure you it works!