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East Campus, aka East Campus Houses or Buildings 62 and 64, is an MIT undergraduate dormitory located at 3 Ames Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142. It consists of two parallel buildings on either side of a courtyard, each with five floors. Each of the parallels has three entries: Munroe, Hayden, and Wood in the West Parallel; and Goodale, Bemis, and Walcott in the East Parallel. Every year the dorm participates in Rush and successfully attracts the best Frosh that the Institvte has to offer. East Campus is home to about 358 residents, more than any other undergraduate dorm.

East Parallel (building 64)

First East

Second East

Also known as Beast.

Third East

Also known as <math>\Pi \Rho</math> or Tetazoo.

Fourth East

Also known as Slugfest.

Fifth East

Also known as Florey.

West Parallel (building 62)

First West

Also known as Stickmen.

Second West

Also known as <math>\Pi \Tau \Zeta</math> or Putz.

Third West

Also known as <math>\lfloor \pi \rfloor</math>.

Fourth West

Also known as 41 West.

Fifth West

No slugs have ever been here. We only assume it exists...

EC Facilities

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