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A schematic of a typical escrow transaction

Typically a type of transaction, an escrow is when one party makes a transaction with another party, using a third party to arbitrate the exchange.

4E History

"Escrow" was first introduce by Rob Crowell and Lyric Doshi in the 2007-2008 school year.

Escrows in Computer Science

Escrows are a useful tool in database technology. The study of escrow transactions in database executions and other data-based transactions requires much simulation and either a continuous muttering of "escrow" or loud proclamations of "ESCROW!" When this process is applied by course 6 seniors, usually some type of thesis is produced. These course 6 seniors usually require guidance by some manifestation of John Escrow.

Forms of Use

Entry: escrow v.
Inflected forms: -s, -ed, -ing

  1. To give something to someone/something else via one or more third parties. Hall Chairs escrow all reimbursements from slugs to SAO
  2. To take something from someone/something else via one or more third parties Bobby escrows DONLANs from SAPWeb
  3. To make any type of transaction. I escrowed some pizza from building 10. Roger escrows his data from the internets.

Entry: in escrow adj.

  1. Transacted Rather than "the check is in the mail" use "the check is in escrow."

Entry: escrow n.
Inflected forms: -s

  1. Either a transaction/exchange, or something that can be abstracted to one. Thunderbird is a great email escrow

Entry: direct escrow v.

  1. To perform an escrow transaction in which the third party is omitted. See also two party escrow. Can you direct escrow me the data enabler?

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