Esteban Hufstedler

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So hot right now. Seriously.

Esteban Hufstedler is AKA Dorothy, mainly by Jehann.

Biographical Information

Esteban Antonio Martin Guadalupe Luna Lemus Hufstedler was born on December 12, 1986. Such an auspicious day of birth as El Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe is sure to endow any child with seven names. He learned to read, sing, and do math mainly because of the length of his name.
Throughout his life, people have taken it upon themselves to memorize it. Fools, all of them.
Being able to read at two years of age takes its toll. Esteban peaked around age seven, and is just beginning his slide back down. Luckily, he had enough intelligence left to cruise through high school and give a very cocky speech about doing just that, followed up by quoting the Simpsons.
Esteban's current goal is to beat MIT. The end guy's very hard.


Esteban is very interested in talking to people about their viewpoints. An unfortunate habit is to attack that viewpoint, even if is aligned with his. He also enjoys almost any sort of Shiny Thing, collecting Cruft, building things, giving ideas of what to build, and generally having a good time.



Cardboard Biplane: Launched successfully from the Kitchen balcony with Pikachu piloting. He did not, however, reach the sand.

Incomplete, Ranked in Order of Feasibility or Likelihood of Completion

Pimped Swingline: Alpha complete, minus logo. Beta will include lights.
View-switcher: Requires six mirrors to build
Gauss Rifle: Requires magnets, ball bearings, and wood
Hovercraft: Requires wood, tarp, and a leafblower at the least.
Mini-Ballista: Requires wood, rope.
Ultralight: Requires far too many man-hours and monies.

Contact Information

Room: WA401
AIM: Cmpfreek7
Phone: 1-714-MY-STONE