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Wednesday December 14, 10 PM

This formal cocoa will be awesome, just like my hat.

Want to know more about formal cocoa?

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Time/Task It'll be really great if we can get one or more people to help out with these things, so that others can focus on baking.
Milk-warming duty
Non-specific kitchen help sagha

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Baked(or otherwise prepared) Goods Want to show off your awesome skills/grandmother's recipe/cool one-use only baking utensil?
Caramel Brownies ksny
Seven Layer Bars
Grasshopper Mint Pie
Great Depression Cookies aaki
Awesome Cookies
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Cheesecake raclark

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lounge and context

Movie Suggestions

After Formal Cocoa, we watch a movie. What do you suggest?
Finding Nemo