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A compilation of free-food statistics may help to give Fourth-East an unneeded boost in the free-food competition. They are also mildly interesting, and most importantly, may eventually rid Aaron Bader of his delusions.

Date Items Location Event Agent(s) Poster(s) (if exists) Special Notes
5/18 2 trays of bagels and jam/cream cheese/butter, 2 trays of coffee cake, 1 bowl of fruit, 10+ yogurts, bag of breakfast bars, 2 V8 mango peach, 2 orange juice, several cranberry/crapefruit juices 34-401 6.003 feedback session Edwin, Chieu, Huy, Nara and co., tipped off by Alison not posted asked to raid the refrigerator
5/18 4+ boxes of bertucci's pizza unknown HKN Gireeja not posted
5/18 tray of pad thai Hallway Lyric and Karen, while walking through some hallway, were asked by a random friend to take the tray Lyric and Karen not posted
5/18 white rice 66-0003 Marketa Valterova first undesired free food post in a long time
5/18 spicy thai food unknown movie watching with Junot Diaz Chieu not posted

5/19 vegetable rice, pad thai, and some thai dish stata g9 gsl Edwin Meg Aycinena to vultures
5/19 ~7-8 trays of watermelon, pita bread, beef, pork, chicken, potato salad, chili, chips walker sloan Edwin and xJamez Scot Frank enough food that 2e and 5e also took trays back