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A compilation of statistics on free-food grabs since 5/18/06 may help to give Fourth-East an unneeded boost in the free-food competition. They are also mildly interesting, and most importantly, may eventually rid Aaron Bader of his delusions.

Date Items Location Event Agent(s) Poster(s) (if exists) Special Notes
5/18 2 trays of bagels and jam/cream cheese/butter, 2 trays of coffee cake, 1 bowl of fruit, 10+ yogurts, bag of breakfast bars, 2 V8 mango peach, 2 orange juice, several cranberry/crapefruit juices 34-401 6.003 feedback session Edwin, Chieu, Huy, Nara and co., tipped off by Alison not posted asked to raid the refrigerator
5/18 4+ boxes of bertucci's pizza HKN Gireeja not posted
5/18 tray of pad thai Hallway Lyric and Karen, while walking through some hallway, were asked by a random friend to take the tray Lyric and Karen not posted
5/18 spicy thai food movie watching with Junot Diaz Chieu not posted

5/19 vegetable rice, pad thai, and some thai dish stata g9 gsl Edwin Meg Aycinena to vultures
5/19 ~7-8 trays of watermelon, pita bread, beef, pork, chicken, potato salad, chili, chips, burgers, boca burgers, vegetarian hot dogs walker sloan Edwin and xJamez Scot Frank enough food that 2e and 5e also took trays back
5/20 tray of tortilla chips and sour cream, some tea bags stata Edwin and Walker not posted found on the way back from a reuse post
5/21 magic chocolate bunny encircled by five milk chocolates ec volleyball court reuse race Edwin Rob Gens Edwin took the wrong staircase and then walked part of the way there; later turned out that he was being timed