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Slugs have recently taken a great liking to playing Ultimate Frisbee. Even when it's windy or rainy or dark or slippery, nothing will stop Slugs from getting their dose of frisbee (usually played in Killian Court). The MIT mailing list 4e-frisbee has been created to tell people (nonSlugs welcome to join) when we're going to play frisbee. Upcoming games are listed below. If you are interested in playing, please add your name under the game if you want to come. If you want to set up a game, email 4e-frisbee and add a new game below. This will help us make sure we have enough people interested before we go to Killian and will allow us to avoid getting a dozen "I can come emails" for each game.

Tuesday May 23 5:20 PM

Lyric Esteban Jason Aaron Diddy Rob HuRong Emily David