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The Institvte allows each hall to select an MIT graduate student to live as one of its residents. In essence, a Graduate Resident Tutor is given a wad of cash each semester to act like he/she's still a freshman. Sometimes, a hall might get lucky and get two GRTs. Our current GRT is Andrew Barry.

The 4e GRT lives in G405. From this base he/she runs the Soda Fridge, a place where Slugs can buy 50 cent sodas and other cheap drinks; and Candy Bowl, free candy purchased by the profits of the soda fridge.

4e's GRT budget goes towards projects, the Hall Trip, renting a Zip Car for Costco runs, and Finals Breakfast among various other random endeavors.

Previous GRTs

Years GRT
2015- Ella Kim
2011-2015 Andrew Barry
2010-2011 Grant Farmer
2009-2010 Ned Burns, Amelia Yu
2005-2009 Aaron Bader