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The current allotment of money for GRTs is $700 per semester. All responsible GRTs use every last penny.

Budget for spring 2009 will include, zipcar trips, Finals breakfast, and possibly a subsidized trip to NYC, and something for 10-250 camping.

The budget for fall 2008. Apparently I didn't add fall 2007, or spring 2008...I've lost track of the records for fall 2007 too. Spring 2008 was weird and we came into the fall term with an overflow of a seemingly ludicrous $414. I will now show you how I managed to blow through that in one term

GRT budget for Fall 2008

Event Cost
Zipcar $110.23
Finals Breakfast/BBQ $190.67
Rush 2008 $250
Camping trip $320
Thanksgiving $175
subtotal $1143
Funds from Spring -$414
Total $719.90

The budget from Spring 2008....I didn't spend my moneys properly according to my notes, which is why we had such an overflow to fall 2008. According to my records, this was because I was saving up money to help fund a projector to replace the dead Barcos. The appearance of the NEC made that unnecessary and I was free to use the money on more frivolous pursuits in the fall

Event Cost
Zipcar $101.08
Finals Breakfast $164.08
Formal Cocoa subsidy $20.96
Soda Fridge/Candy Bowl subsidy $26
Total $286 ($414 leftover, see above)

The budget for spring 2007 suffered the cancellation of the Six Flags trip.

Event Cost
Zipcar $100
Finals Breakfast/BBQ $342 (1)
Rush 2007 $150
Soda Fridge/Candy Bowl subsidy $26
10-250 Camping pizza $60
Fall camping trip prefund $25

Total $703

1 - I didn't bother separating the costs of these two events. They're on the same receipt, and I'm lazy.

The budget for fall 2006 proceeded remarkably as projected

Event Cost
Camping Trip $250
Thanksgiving feed $147 (1)
Finals Breakfast $200
Zipcar/Slush fund $100 (2)

Total $697

1 - Because of Turkey points, Thanksgiving was very much under budget. It is yet to decide whether hall money or GRT money will pay for it. Later it was decided that GRT funds would pay for $126, the amount that was bought at Costco. The other $24 was mostly spent on zipcar with a $3 overflow to the Spring.

2 - the zipcar bill for fall 2006 was $136.50, soda fridge will pay for $15 of it and thanksgiving feed will pay for $21.50

The budget for Spring 2006 is listed below.

Event Cost
Stuffed Pokemon $31.30
ZipCar Trips* $43.91
Frisbee/wiffle ball $28
Ice Cream $26.59
Steak and BJ Feed $25
Special/ Intrahall Cocoa $26.58
2006 Hall Rush $150
Finals Breakfast $209.38
Chili's for frosh $169.24 (more or less)
Total $700

Soda fridge paid for 65.69 of Zipcar trips

The following table is what money was spent on in Fall 2005.

Event Cost
New York Trip $234
ZipCar trips $80
4E proj. miscellany $30
Finals Breakfast $256
Mystery Hunt food $40
Slumber party $20
Crepe Feed $40
Total $700

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